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Digimon - Season 7 by SilverBuller
Digimon - Season 7
As a tribute to the upcoming Season 7 in 2015, I thought I'd see if I could invent my own season. Now, I'm no writer, but I wanted to give this a shot. So tell me what you think.

Characters and their partner Digimon:
The Peppy Leader and his partner Dorumon are the leaders of the group. By peppy, I mean obnoxious, overenthusiastic, and always optimistic. Basically, he's a lot like Davis, Marcus, and Taiki.

The Scared Cry Baby is the little kid of the group. He's very clingy to the Peppy Leader. He gets braver and becomes less scared throughout the series.

The Eccentric Rich Girl is just that. She's kind of a combination of Mimi, Rika, and Jeri. She's very spoiled, but gets a lot better as the series progresses, and is also the mutual love interest of the Peppy Leader.

The Grumpy Loner is the oldest and maturest of the group, but also the "jerk" of the series. He's moody and arrogant, and tends to do things his own way, even going off on his own frequently. He's a lot like Matt, Rika, Koji, and Kiriha, but later mellows out. He also seems to have feelings for the Eccentric Rich Girl.

Main Villains:
Duskmon is the 1st main villain of the series. He runs into the DigiDestined by chance, and after a humiliating failure to kill them, constantly pursues them, intent on not letter any prey escape. He's finally defeated when all 4 partner Digimon reach the Champion level.

Beastmon is the 2nd main villain who is vain and arrogant dictator that wants everyone to bow down and worship her. She had been attempting to recruit Duskmon to join her for a long time, and becomes angry when she finds out that he was defeated, and sends out minions to kill the ones responsible. She's defeated When Dorumon and Monmon reach the Ultimate level.

Dragomon becomes the 3rd main villain after the DigiDestined sail over and escape his waters. He and his servants attack them throughout their journey across the sea, and pursue them on land. He's defeated after Kotemon reaches the Ultimate level.

Okuwamon becomes the 4th main villain when the DigiDestined enter his territory. At the end of his story arc, he's seemingly defeated when all four Digimon reach the Ultimate level, but then Digivolves to GranKuwagamon.

This is when the DigiDestined learn their purpose for being in the Digital World. They need to release the Digimon Sovereigns that had been sealed away by 5 powerful evil Digimon. Upon learning this, the Grumpy Loner, whose been going off on his own every now and then, once again goes off alone.

Snatchmon is the 5th main villain. After a vigorous journey to his castle, and a tough battle, the Grumpy Loner returns, and reveals Kotemon has reached the Mega level. Snatchmon is defeated, and the Digimon Sovereign, Ebonwumon, is set free.

ShadowSeraphimon is the 6th main villain. During the journey to his castle, during which the Grumpy Loner has joined and left the group a few times, ShadowSeraphimon appears and nearly kills him before the others save him and Dorumon reaches the Mega level. The Grumpy Loner then permanently rejoins the group. ShadowSeraphimon is defeated at his castle when Bearmon Digivolves to the Mega level, and the Digimon Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon is set free.

Titamon is the 7th main villain, but rather than waiting around for the DigiDestined to come to him, he seeks them out. After numerous defeats and retreats from him, he's finally defeated when all four Digimon reach the Mega level, and the Digimon Sovereign, Baihumon is set free.

ChaosGallantmon is the 8th main villain. For a while he attacks just with his minions before seeking the DigiDestined out himself. After several battles and near deaths, the DigiDestined get strong enough to overpower ChaosGallantmon. Becoming desperate, he transforms into the out of control Megidramon and goes on a destructive rampage, but is quickly defeated, and the Digimon Sovereign, Azulongmon is set free.

Dorbickmon is the 9th, and believed to be final villain. The audience only ever sees the upper part of his body whenever he appears, as he stays in his castle and sends his remaining servants after the DigiDestined. When they get to his castle to free the leader of the Digimon Sovereigns, Fanglongmon, they're shocked to discover that Dorbickmon had not sealed Fanglongmon away, but forced a Fusion between the two of them in order to control him and use his power. After a long battle, Alphamon Digivolves once again to Alphamon Ouryuken. Using his special blade, he cuts Dorbickmon from Fanglongmon's body, severing their connection. Dorbickmon is then defeated.

Arukadhimon Super Ultimate is the surprise villain, like Apocalymon in Season 1 or Lucemon Shadowlord Mode in Season 4, that appears directly after Dorbickmon's defeat. It turns out he had been locked away beneath Dorbickmon's castle, but the battle up above set him free. He prves to be too much for the DigiDestined, and Fanglongmon is too weak from the previous battle to be of much help, but in the end sacrifices himself to give the DigiDestined the strength to defeat Arukadhimon.

GranDracmon is the 2nd surprise villain, also like Apocalymon. As it turns out, Arukadhimon was a servant of GranDracmon, who has been sealed away in the Dark Area since the Digital World first came to be, but with Arukadhimon's power to break through dimensions, he's created a way for his master to escape. GranDracmon is basically the Digimon devil, with power that surpasses the Demon Lords, an enchanted voice that causes angel Digimon to go fall, and an immortal body that cannot be destroyed. There is no actual battle between GranDracmon and the DigiDestined, rather, he sends a swarm of evil Digimon through the portal Arukadhimon opened to fight them as he slowly makes his way through while occasionally sending attacks through at them. The other four Digimon Sovereigns appear to help prevent GranDracmon from coming through, but are unable to keep him back for long. Just as he's about to enter the Digital World, the DigiDestined manage to close the portal, keeping him trapped in the Dark Area. With their mission fulfilled, the DigiDestined are sent back to the human world by the Digimon Sovereigns.
OmegaArmamon Burst Mode by SilverBuller
OmegaArmamon Burst Mode
For those of you that don't know, OmegaArmamon Burst Mode is the DNA Digivolution of the Demon Lord Barbamon and the even more powerful weapon Digimon Armamon. I could never find a good or complete picture of him no matter where I looked, portions of his body were always cut off. So I pieced them all together from various shots and this is the final result. His attacks include:

Hell & Thunder - Attacks twice with the sword of lightning and the sword of darkness.

Heaven & Break - Attacks twice with the two swords of ice and fire.

Rage Demon Breath - Exhales so powerfully that it shuffles around the Digimon on the battlefield.

Sword of Meteor - (effects unknown)


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