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Perlz - Evolution of Cloyster by SilverBuller
Perlz - Evolution of Cloyster
Perlz is an original Pokemon I made. He's the evolution of Cloyster.

It's all but impenetrable shell changes colors to blend in with its environment, and it rarely ever opens more than enough for it to see out. The jewel on its forehead is very valuable, and worth more than a Big Nugget. The number of pearls it has increases as it gets older, the one in the back slowly splitting into two.

Speech: "P-gurgle-rlz"
Unihorn - Evolution of Rapidash by SilverBuller
Unihorn - Evolution of Rapidash
Unihorn is an original Pokemon I made. She's the evolution of Rapidash.

Standing at 12 feet while still on all four legs, this flying horse is the fastest Pokemon on land and air, after Dragonite, and is often mistaken for a shooting star. Its horn is harder than diamond, and is capable of conducting electricity, allowing it to use electrical attacks. When threatened, its known to spin around to form a spiraling cocoon of fire and electricity around itself, originating from its horn, to to drill through anything.

Speech: "Uuuu-neigh-horn"


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