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Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls - My Picks by SilverBuller
Top 20 Cutest Anime Girls - My Picks
So, I've been watching a lot of's Top 10 Lists. After coming across I came across the top 10 hottest animated characters, I decided to make my own. With that done, I now decided to do the cutest anime characters. I'm only doing it for the girls this time, and I excluded little kids since there are far too many cute ones. However, since I can be indecisive at times, I was unable to pick just 10, so I did the top 20.

So, to this date, according to my AnimeList account, I've watched a total of 695 different animes. This includes individual series, seasons, movies, and OVA (yup, I'm a true hardcore otaku). I thought long and hard about it, making a lot of comparisons, and out of all of them, these are my top 20 picks of the girls that really make you scream "KAWAII!"

Starting at the top left:

Suzune Tanahashi – Love Lab

Miyako Gotokuji/Bubbles – Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Tomoyo Daidouji/Madison Taylor – Cardcaptor Sakura

Momoe Okonogi – Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Konagi Yawakaze – Noucome

Isuzu Tsumuhana – Okami Kakushi: Masque of the Wolf

Midori Kasugano – Midori Days

Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Yuki Nagato – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Natsuru Senou – Kämpfer

Chiho Sasaki – The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Chihiro Ogeno – Spirited Away

Saki Morimi – Eden of the East

Lum Invader – Urusei Yatsura

Natsuki Ikuhara – DearS

Minazuki Rokumatsuri – Happy Lesson

Chi/Freya – Chobits

Naru Osaka/Molly Baker – Sailor Moon

Shampoo – Ranma ½

They're not in any specific order, but I'm Suzune deserves the top spot. I may update this list in the future. So, did I make good picks? Anyone else have a #1?

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Ingredients For The Millennium by SilverBuller
Ingredients For The Millennium
ZeedMillenniumon is considered by many to be the strongest of all Digimon, and he's definitely either the 2nd or 3rd, surpassed only by Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode and Gaiamon. Considering he's a combination of so many Digimon, it's no wonder he's so immensely powerful. The process of creating him includes:

Step 1
Kabuterimon + MetalGreymon (Virus) + Greymon + Angemon + Airdramon + Kuwagamon + SkullGreymon + Garurumon + Monochromon + Devimon (Black Gears infused) = Kimeramon

Step 2
Kimeramon + Machinedramon = Millenniummon

Step 3
Millenniummon + Devitamamon + GranDracmon = MoonMillenniummon

Step 4
MoonMillenniummon + Laylamon + Axemon + SkullKnightmon + Blastmon + Gigadrmon + UltimateKhaosmon + Argomon (Mega) + Gulfmon + Duskmon + Megidramon = ZeedMillenniummon

*Extra Step
Removing his bands = ZeedMillenniummon unbound.
The bands around ZeedMillenniummon are actually chains that suppress his abilities and power, and if they're ever broken he will destroy all worlds.

This can actually be broken down even more. For example, MetalTyrannomon + MetalMamemon + Andromon + Megadramon = Machinedramon, and BanchoLeomon + Darkdramon + Varodurumon + Kentaurosmon = UltimateKhaosmon, etc, but I focused on ZeedMillenniummon's main line.


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