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Chi-Chi's Wardrobe by SilverBuller
Chi-Chi's Wardrobe
Ok, so remember 18's 3rd outfit that she wore. She actually got those clothes from Goku's house. When they went searching for him there, she raided the closet for better clothes since she didn't like the cowgirl outfit she was wearing. So she basically took Chi-Chi's clothes. I just couldn't picture Chi-Chi dressing this way, so I decided to see what it would look like. Definitely not her style.
The Original Genesect by SilverBuller
The Original Genesect
I have a theory on this that came to me when I did my pic of Paras and Parasect without their mushrooms. Allow me to explain.

Most people seem to think that Kabutops was Genesect's original form simply because they look similar and both lived 300 million years ago, but I disagree. First off, Kabutops is a Water/Rock shellfish Pokemon while Genesect is a Bug/Steel insect Pokemon. While Genesct's modification would make him an Steel, it wouldn't explain how he would become a Bug type. Besides, lots of Pokemon have similar appearances that aren't related, such as Pichu, Plusle, and Minum, or Raichu and Dedenne.

So, my theory is that 300 million years ago, neither Paras or Parasect had mushrooms, which are actually parasitic. During whatever events happened that led to the extinction of the prehistoric Pokemon, Paras survived by forming a relationship with the tochukaso mushrooms, that enabled it to live in the harsh environment. 
Even in the real world, tochukaso, are used in Chinese remedies for ailments like fatigue and cancer. And in the episode where the mushroom was needed to for a miracle potion, the potion's affects increased strength, defense, etc. So the mushroom allowed Paras to survive the mass extinction.

But when it evolves into Parasect, the mushroom evolves with it, and completely takes over and Parasect's body, turning it into a zombie. It's even stated that the mushroom causes neoteny in Parasect, which slows down and delays physical development. 
Because of this, Parasect lost its ability to evolve into Genesect. And so, the only evidence that Parasect had a 3rd evolutionary stage were its remains, which Team Plasma found and reconstructed into the modern day's version of Genesect.


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